Writers Block

If you have Writers Block, take a step back from your writing. Do something you love, spend some time with your friends. Take as much time as you need. And when you think you have cleared your mind, go back and keep on writing. And never hesitate to ask a friend or your family for their opinion. Sometimes, they might even give you an idea.



Characters are maybe the most important part of your story. And a really good story can be completely ruined by a really bad character. Now, I am a complete character freak. I love choosing their names, phobias, hairstyles, hobbies, etc. And to have really amazing characters. I really suggest a character outline, do it for even your minor characters. Yeah Write has a killer character outline: http://yeahwrite.co/post/24774343500



I absolutely love writing prompts. They are a great source of inspiration and are so. much. fun. So i’m going to share my favorite place to find writing prompts:  https://reedsy.com/writing


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