Dear Rebecca Auzoux,

You don’t know me. And I have never met you. But there is something very important that I have to tell you. I must be very quick, who knows when it will come for me. I need you to know, that your family loved you, that they never meant for you to be alone. I am writing this from deep inside the maze that your parents called home, before you go on your journey, you must pass through here and collect three objects. A book, more specifically, your mother’s diary, it will teach you how to defeat the Soul Wolf. The second object is a bracelet, which was your father’s, it has old Norse writing on it, it is the real name of the Soul Wolf. When you have the Soul Wolf’s name, you can trap it’s true form. And the last thing is my book, it says Elizabeth Auzoux, It will give you the power to set you free of your curse. Hopefully you will fulfill your destiny since I could not, the Soul Wolf is close to my hiding spot. There is no hope for me, the curse has lead the Wolf towards me. But there is one last thing I have to tell you…I love you my dear sister. We all loved you, and never stopped loving you. Not even after the curse and the Wolf took us. 

Elizabeth Auzoux


Picture:© Pdiaz , dreamstime:

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