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“Shit.” Ye-Rin banged her fists on the steering wheel. It was a spur of the moment thing, she just had to get away. Now she was sobering up and she realized just how vulnerable she had left her sister. 

“I can’t leave her. I can’t leave her. They’re going to kill her if i’m not there.” Ye-rin drove back, not caring about the speed limit. She knew she’d have to face the consequences of her actions but at that moment all she cared about was her sister. Fifteen minutes later the bang of the door opening resonated through the mansion. 

“Oh look at that, she came back.” Sneered her mother. The person who she used to love. The person who made her pancakes when she was feeling blue. But that person was no more and in front of her stood a shell of a person.

“Forgot your sister?” Asked her step-father, shoving Hyun-a forward. 

“I’m sorry Hyun-A. I screwed up, they didn’t hurt you did they?” Ye-Rin quickly examined her sister, breathing a sigh of relief when she realized Hyun-A was unharmed.

“I’ll drop off Hyun-a at her room and will head to the maid’s quarters then.” 

“That’s a good girl.” Smiled her step-father, but it was more a sour smile than a sweet one. Once the two girls were out of ear shot, he turned towards his wife. 

“I don’t understand why I need to hand down everything to her. She is not my daughter.” His wife shot a venomous look towards him. 

“Would you want our real daughters to be thrown into a world that guarantees their death?” 

“These two are rebels. I do not want everything we’ve worked for to go to shit.”

“They’re not that stupid. They wouldn’t defy the wishes of the president.”

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