Seong Agency

‘Again.’ It was the only word repeating through his mind. Maybe someday if he was good enough, his father would finally notice him. He attempted to execute the move once more, only to land wrong on his foot and go down. 

“Damn it!” He yelled, clutching at his ankle. 

“Ji-Hwan!” His maid immediately rushed over to help him. After careful examination she concluded it was only bruised and would heal in about a week. A couple of minutes passed in silence until the maid spoke up, 

“Ji-Hwan, you have acting classes with your father today.” His breath caught in his throat. 

“Is there some way for me to get out of them?” The maid shook her head and lead him over to the room used for his acting classes. 

“I hope your lying has gotten better Mr. Seong.” Spoke his teacher, gesturing for Ji-hwan to sit down at the table. No one asked why he was limping, he guessed it didn’t even cross his father’s mind to be concerned. The room had been set up to look almost like an interrogation room. The ‘game’, as his teacher called it, was for Ji-Hwan to keep as much of his identity hidden as possible. Half an hour passed until his father ordered for a break, courtesy of the maid’s convincing. 

“Ji-Hwan, you must keep your tells under control.” His father’s voice caused an involuntary shiver to run down the young boy’s back. 

“I will not have you be anymore of a failure than you already are, do you understand me?” Ji-Hwan dropped his head into his hands and muttered out the only two words his father ever wanted to hear.

“Yes father.”

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