Her screams filled the mansion, begging for them to stop, pleading for them to let her go. But they weren’t the only screams heard in the mansion, mixed with her’s where her nephew’s. 

“No son of mine, will do something as ridiculous as becoming a Violinist.” The woman snarled, digging her knee into her son’s chest. 

“Mom please.” He wheezed, trying to get her off him and his wrist out of her grasp. 

“You are a disgrace to this family and i cannot allow that.” She stood, placing a foot on his forearm and grabbed the heavy sculpture next to her, gifted to her company.

“Mom what are you doing.”

“Hae-Won don’t.” Choked out his aunt, struggling in her brother’s arms. 

“Mom!” He begged, trying to wrench his arm out from under her foot but he was weak, getting thrown into the dining table had done it’s damage. 

“This is for the best.” She muttered before dropping the vase on her son’s wrist, quickly removing her foot so it wouldn’t receive any damage. A blood-curdling scream sounded throughout the mansion, causing the maids to wince in their quarters. 

“Haven’t you done enough?” Sobbed his aunt as she realized Hae-Won was harshly grabbing her son’s other hand. 

“This should teach you, not to go against your parents.” She ignored the screams coming from her son and her sister-in-law. Instead, she used her hand to quickly bend back two of her son’s fingers, effectively breaking them in the process. 

“We’ll go to the hospital in the morning. Release her.” Said Hae-Won, standing up and directing her attention to her sister-in-law, who immediately ran to her nephew and lifted the sculpture off his arm. She choked on her tears and kissed his forehead. Her words fell upon deaf ears while she cradled him, hoping to somehow ease his pain. 

“I’m so sorry.”

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