He ran outside, searching for the one person who’s approval he needed the most. It was difficult to miss her with her red pencil skirt and same color suit jacket, accompanied by two bodyguards. She looked out of place among all the other families, but he didn’t care, immediately launching himself at her. 

“Hae-Il.” She warned, a smile playing on her lips. It would have fooled anyone else, but Hae-Il knew she was only doing it for her reputation. Quickly he got off her. They turned to walk towards the car, her arm wrapped around his shoulders. It would have been a loving gesture if not for the iron grip she had. Once they were safely in the car, shielded from the prying eyes and ears of strangers, she spoke. 

“How many times do I have to tell you. You are not my son. I adopted you for the sole purpose of having an heir, not a son. You do not deserve love, i wish you would finally understand this.” No matter how many times he heard this, it hurt. However, he had already perfected the art of keeping his tears locked away. 

“I apologize Ms. Jeon.” She nodded and took a sip of her alcohol before speaking.

“Anyway, your technique was sloppy today.” This made him wince.

“You may have ranked first in this competition, but you are not the best. And in this world you are either the best or you are a nobody. Do you want to continue being a nobody Hae-Il?”

“No Ma’am.” 

“You will be spending more time with with your martial arts instructors. Along with that I believe it’s time for me to show you how to handle being the CEO of JeonLaw. Forget about going to University. I will teach you all you need to know.” Hae-Il’s eyes widened, a protest threatened to escape him but he knew it was futile. This wasn’t his life anymore.

“You don’t have anything against this, do you Hae-Il?”

“I do not.”

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