QVV (Qui Vivra Verra)

“Sung-Ha focus.” A sharp voice brought the young adult out of his trance.

“Sorry Mr. Nam.” The staff sent him a look of sympathy whilst his father simply glared and walked out of the room. Exhaustion was not an excuse his father approved of, whether it was true or not. 

“Sung-Ha. If you’d like to take a break, we’re happy to comply.” The photographer said,  smiling softly. She reminded him of his mother, in a way; Soft features and a kind nature. But life is not a fairy tale and his mother was long gone, freed from this cruel world. He was under the control of his father, with no one to protect him, and so he declined the photographer’s offer. The photoshoot lasted for 2 more hours and at the end of it, Sung-Ha was ready to drop. Father and son were in the car, the tension between them thick. 

“Father, I wanted to talk to you about University.”

“What is there to talk about?” There was a dangerous edge to his voice.

“Is there any way, I would be allowed to study something else?” His father slammed on the breaks, causing Sung-Ha to fly forward, the seatbelt wrenching him back. Father watched as his son wheezed, attempting to get air back into his lungs. 

“Listen to me boy,” slender fingers wrapped around Sung-Ha’s left arm, “You will study Medicine at Yonsei University. Along with that you will continue your acting classes and photoshoots. Understood?” Sung-Ha tried to wrench his arm away but the grip on it only tightened, causing him to gasp in pain. 

“I understand. Please, let me go.” Sung-Ha gingerly touched his arm, wincing at the purple bruise that was beginning to form. 

“Don’t forget to apply some bruise cream at home. We don’t want anyone seeing that tomorrow.”

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