Han & Co.

“We can’t do this to him Myung, he’s my child too and i’ll be damned if you mix him up with that world.” 

“We have to. Our choice is not whether or not he get’s involved. Our choice is whether or not he dies, you know that.” The faint sound of crying followed his words. Minutes passed by until a word was uttered. 


“He’ll have to take over when I die.”

“And how the hell do you know when you’ll die?”

“I don’t. All we can do is pray that I stay alive until he’s an adult.” The woman takes a seat on the chair in front of her husband. Her features look pale, drained of life. 

“Are you going to train him?” She whispers, looking up with glassy eyes. 

“I have to. His decisions will impact not only him, but all the other children who will take their parent’s place.” 

“How the hell did children get involved in this.” A minute of silence passed before he answered. 

“Because of their parents’ mistakes.”

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