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Hey so…anyone watch World Of Dance??? I myself don’t dance, currently, but I am pretty good at Basketball and Swimming. If you guys are watching World of Dance, please put in the comments which dancer(s) you are rooting for. I am going for Josh and Taylor. I think they danced really well, and a great use of the prop. If you guys would like to watch their performance, click this link (found on the WorldwideDance channel on Youtube):

That and my second favorites till now are Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice (found on the NBC World of Dance Youtube channel). Imagine how much work it took to be able to dance that routine. And add a blindfold to that. If I tried that I would probably fall off the stage:


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  1. They are so talented! I’m rooting for Eva Igo, shes so amazing! It takes skill to have that much strength and to be that flexible, and being a dancer myself, I dont think I could do anything of what I see her do. Josh and Taylor are awesome too, I like how they are so close yet they aren’t a couple, or at least I dont think they’re a couple?

    • The Little Penguin

      I saw Eva Igo not too long ago and she is absolutely amazing!! Yeah Josh and Taylor arent a couple. Also, have you seen the Royal Flux group? (I think that’s what they’re called). Anyway, I think it’s super amazing that the girl fractured her foot and kept on dancing!

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