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“I still believe, even though it’s unbelievable: To lose your path Is the way to find that path.” – Lost

Change for the Better?

Our world is advancing,

Its for the best they say.

but we are barely glancing,

as we walk on our way.


Attached to our screens,

Communicating by texting.

Phones are the lives of teens,

What happened to old fashioned talking?


Taking a walk outside,

is a thing of the past.

Not even a bycicle ride,

can get you out fast.


I wonder why we do this.

Phones, Computers, and Ipads,

are all what we need it appears.

Because talking face to face,

hasn’t been done in years.


Why is losing followers

such a big deal?

Doesn’t having a real friend,

give your life more appeal?

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Our World (Haiku)



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  1. This is so eerily accurate….Well, for most of society lol. I’m not attached to a phone. I actually hang with my friend and talk to her in person. No social media here. Amazing poem.

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