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Month: February 2019

Some 2018 Albums

We all listen to music. We dance to music, we listen to music when we’re sad, and more. And every year, new songs come out. Have you ever thought how difficult it must be for songwriters to write songs that will be popular but not the same as others? Anyways, how about checking out a list of some of the best album releases of 2018?



  1. “Love Yourself: Answer” by Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS)
  2. “Camila” by Camila Cabello
  3. “Voicenotes” by Charlie Puth.
  4. “Speak Your Mind” by Anne-Marie
  5. “Youngblood” by 5sos
  6. “Look Up Child” by Lauren Daigle
  7. “Shawn Mendes” by Shawn Mendes
  8. “Girl Going Nowhere” by Ashley McBride
  9. “Love Yourself: Tear” by BTS
  10. “Little Dark Age” by MGMT
  11. “Expectations” by Bebe Rexha
  12. “Soy Yo” by Kany Garcia


I bet this gave you a whole lot of new songs to listen to!






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Love Myself

The note cards were in my hand, but I would not need them.
“I could talk about so many different problems in the world. But there is one problem that affects us all. We don’t love ourselves. I gave all the love in my heart to others, waiting for happiness. But I was wrong. I have started accepting myself for who I am. Why change just because society wants me to? I love everything about me: my style, my height, my hair. I know it’s easier to judge than to love. But please, realize that nothing is wrong with you.”


Short Story, under 100 words

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