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“I still believe, even though it’s unbelievable: To lose your path Is the way to find that path.” – Lost

Month: July 2018

Diamante: Life & Death

Life & Death


delicate, fragile,

giving , loving, warming,

happy, bright, dark, scary,

frightening, abandoning, ending,

cold, calm,



Heyo, this is a style of poem called a Diamante. If you would like to know more about this poem form, please check out:

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Thoughtful and caring

They love and support

and cheer you up



So this is another type of poem called a Cinquain. The format for the Cinquain can be:

Line 1: Noun
Line 2: Description of Noun
Line 3: Action
Line 4: Feeling or Effect
Line 5: Synonym of the initial noun.

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Dancing my heart out tonight.

Anxiousness I feel for the world is fading.

Never looking back and just forgetting.

Counting the steps I should take.

Imagining myself on the stage.

Nothing matters else matters now.

Goodbye, the dream fades and I’m back.


So, I’m trying to go through different types of poems. This is an Acrostic Poem, where you start each line with the letter from the title it corresponds to. How do you think I did?



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Life and Death

My name is Neveah. I am the goddess of life, the one who creates people to live in this world. Ashley is death, and I mean it literally. She is the one who takes the living and turns them into the dead. The world is balanced because of us.  Without us doing our job, the world becomes unstable, it starts crumbling.
I have shoulder length blonde hair and bright blue eyes, I usually wear a plain white dress. Ashley on the other hand…she has long black hair and stormy purple eyes, the bottom of her black dress is made of raven feathers. The two of us have a throne on Mt. Olympus, along with the other gods. Ashley isn’t very welcome up there, but the gods tolerate her for me. But, let’s get on with the story, shall we?
It was a normal day, I had to make one more human and then I would finish my duties for the week, well, aside from taking care of the mortals. Sometimes, my hand may accidentally slip. So I will apologize if you are either incredibly awkward or something like that. After I created a beautiful blonde girl with brown eyes and a lot of kindness in her heart, I went up to Olympus. My Olympian family does not get along very well. We have fights, Zeus even stripped Aphrodite of her godly powers once. Honestly, that one was pretty funny.
“Good morning Hera!” I waved to the jealous goddess. She could have turned out much nicer if she wouldn’t have been married to Zeus. But don’t tell them I said that. She looked up from her magazine and gave me curt nod. My best friends are Athena, Artemis, and Ashley, the goddesses that don’t like to get involved in those petty godly fights. I walked in to find that Ashley wasn’t at the table, but then again, she almost never comes to dinner. After taking my seat between Hera and Artemis, I dug into my food.
“So, Neveah, can I ask you something?” Asked Zeus, in a dangerously calm manner. I gulped and slowly shoved away my plate.
“Sure, why not?” I asked nervously. I liked attention, but not this kind. Everyone was staring at me and I wanted to merge with my seat.
“Have you finished your work for the week?” He asked.
“Yes, I have.” I replied curtly, not wanting him to ask me any more questions. I was kind of upset about today. Ashley had ditched me and not gone to the mall (yes, we go to the mall, but in our human forms). She sent a brief message by Raven Messaging, it said that she had some important underworld things to do, I thought it was kind of weird because she usually apologizes in person…but whatever. I started thinking about what kind of person I would create next week…maybe someone who would grow up to be a doctor.
“Neveah?” asked Artemis, waving her hand in front of my face.
“What?” I asked, frowning in confusion.
“You spaced out, again.” Aphrodite said, with all the hate she could muster. For some reason, Aphrodite seemed to be very happy when she was either humiliating me or making traps for me to fall into.
“Oh, sorry, did you ask anything?” I asked as innocently as I could, which annoyed Aphrodite to no end.
“Yes, we asked if Ashley is okay.” Aphrodite said through gritted teeth. I hummed while deep in thought, searching for any hints Ashley could have given me. I remembered that she had looked terrible two days ago, when I last saw her. Her hair was awfully disheveled and her eyes had rings around them like a raccoon, which made them stand out from her paler-than-normal skin. When I asked her about it she just said she had a long day and wasn’t feeling to good.
“Well, now that you mention it…she didn’t look like she was feeling well.” I said, tapping my fingers to my jaw.
” If by that you mean she looked pale and dead, she always looks like that.” Replied Aphrodite smugly. I glared at her and was about to respond but Athena interrupted me,
“Break it up you two.  Maybe Ashley was just sick, keep an eye on her Neveah.” I nodded and Aphrodite huffed.
“I’ll go check on her tomorrow if she doesn’t show up. In the meantime, it’s been a long day and i’m ready for bed.”  I said and stretched, everyone said goodnight while I headed to my room.
“NEVEAH!” I quickly sat up, banging my head against Aphrodite’s.
“NO!” She wailed, clutching her forehead, ” Now i’m going to have a purple bruise! My face is going to be ugly!” I smirked,
“Well, then the bruise makes no difference.” Aphrodite growled, but then seemed to give up.
“Zeus sent me to get you, he seems really angry. Guess you’re in trouble.” She said the last part in a sing-song voice. I trudged to the dining room, not bothering to change out of my white pajamas. Honestly, I am not the happiest person if someone wakes me up. I shoved open the door and stormed in.
“You called?” I grumbled, giving Zeus a mocking bow. Hera snickered but then quickly shut up when Artemis gave her a hard stare. I took a seat and ate my breakfast, trying to ignore all the weird looks everyone was giving me. I did not succeed,
“So something is obviously going on, anyone care to tell me what it is?” Everyone fidgeted, but Poseidon finally spoke up,
“No one died.” I stared at him,
“Run that by me again.”
“Ashley’s job is bring people to the world of the dead. No. One. Died.” Zeus repeated.
“Neither today nor yesterday evening.”
“So where do you think Ashley went?” I asked.
“We have no idea, but you’re the only one who talks to her. So…” Replied Apollo and pointed to the door.
“If you’d like, Athena and I can help you.” Offered Artemis. I shook my head and left the room. Ashley takes her job very seriously, nothing like this has ever happened. I decided to go down and visit Hades and Persephone, maybe they had noticed something. I teleported to the door of their castle and then stormed in.
“Hades! Persephone!” I called, finally reaching the throne room. Hades seem like he could care less about me being there but Persephone immediately jumped down from her throne.
“Neveah! It’s been a while.” She hugged me and kissed my cheek.
“Yeah, hey, I don’t have much time. Have you guys seen Ashley?” Hades looked at me, suddenly interested.
“We thought Ashley was with you.” He replied, “she said she was going to the mall with you…two days ago.” I stared at him.
“No, she never came to the mall. She sent a note by Raven Mail.” Hades glared at me.
“And you didn’t find that a bit suspicious?” He asked harshly. I crossed my arms and snapped back.
“Well sorry, I don’t question everything my friend does.” I glared while Hades got up from his chair, ready to say something. But Persephone shot him a look that could wilt all her mother’s crops. He sat back down, grumbling all the way.
“I rea-” Persephone was interrupted my someone running into the throne room. Hades sighed and looked at the guard skeleton standing in front of him.
“I swear Gene, if it’s another false alarm.” He said, sounding exasperated. The skeleton, Gene, bowed clumsily and answered.
“No sir, I have a letter for you and Miss. Neveah.” He handed me the letter and scurried out of the room. I was left holding a pink envelope, which said: To Neveah and Hades in beautiful, curly, handwriting.  I opened it, took out the letter, and started reading.
“Neveah and Hades, there is no use trying to look for Ashley. You will never find her. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it. And that is because I hate you two and enjoy seeing you two so frustrated and annoyed. Especially you Neveah.” I glared at the letter, which was not a good idea, because it burst into flames. I dropped it and watched it burn on the castle floor.
“So…who would kidnap a goddess?” Asked Persephone, Hades turned red and looked away.
“Sorry! I didn’t mean it that way!” Said Persephone, hugging him. I stifled a laugh but then went serious.
“Well, i’m thinking it had to be a god or goddess. I mean, Ashley is not easy to catch unguarded.” Persephone nodded and then added.
“So, who hates you guys?”
“Everyone.” Replied Hades.
“That’s not true.”
“You’re right, almost everyone.”
“Alright, everyone but three people. One of which is my wife.” Persephone got a tick in her eye, and I had the feeling she wanted to say something else but held her tongue.
“To narrow it down better, how about the people who hate me?” I asked. We all stood there for a couple of minutes, thinking.
“Aphrodite.” We all said at the same time.
“But she’s way too lazy and sticks to mean insults.” I said, but then an idea popped in my head.
“Cupid isn’t though.” Persephone looked at me thoughtfully.
“You’re right. But we can’t just go to Mount Olympus and accuse her.”
“Especially not me.” Muttered Hades. Persephone rolled her eyes.
“I have an idea.” I grinned and told them what I had planned.
——– Time Skip —————
We appeared at the entrance of the dining hall a half an hour later. By we, I meant Persephone and me. Before we left, I had smudged my clothes with dirt, tangled my hair, and used some of Persephone’s makeup to make bags under my eyes. Persephone stormed in, I think Hades showed her how, and I dragged along behind her. Some of the other gods were here, they usually hang out during the day and then they go home. Among them was Nike, Nemesis, and Hestia. They were sitting around the table eating lunch, along with the usual gods and goddesses. However, they all stopped when they saw me.
“You didn’t find her?” Asked Hera, looking me up and down. I rolled my eyes at her.
“Did you figure that out by yourself?” Hera’s eyes widened and everyone was quiet, even Zeus looked up from his food.
“What?” I demanded. Zeus and everyone else started muttering words like nothing and never mind, then going back to their food. I made room for Persephone next to me, and we both sat down at the table.
“Hey, did you hear?” I asked Persephone.
“There is this really disrespectful girl, she was supposed to die yesterday. But since Neveah is gone, she has gotten a couple of last insults in, especially about Aphrodite.” I tilted my head slightly, looking if Aphrodite was listening. And to my satisfaction, she was.
“What do you mean by insults?”
“I mean that she seriously insulted Aphrodite. She said Aphrodite was a useless goddess. And that her grandmother had better fashion sense.” I heard the noise of a chair scraping across the floor and clattering to the ground. When I looked at Aphrodite’s direction, I saw an angry, but somehow still beautiful, goddess who was digging her nails into the table.
“What?!” She growled, low and threateningly.
“Yea-” The door slammed open, stopping Persephone and revealing a very ragged, very aggravated goddess of death. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Ashley stormed up to Aphrodite’s direction. But to my surprise, her fury was directed to the goddess next to Aphrodite. Nemesis.
“You idiot.” Ashley threw Nemesis’ dishes to the floor, shoving her face closer.
“You made me get even more behind on my work and I also do not enjoy being tied up in a cell!” Even though Nemesis looked scared, she still stood up and looked Ashley in the eyes.
“You ruined my chance at revenge by killing that one mortal before I could torture her.”
“It was her time, Nemesis. I have a job to do and I can’t do it when I am kidnapped!” The last word came out as a shout.  Ashley straightened her back and looked around, her eyes finally setting on Zeus.
“I want her to be stripped of her powers for a year.” Everybody held their breath, waiting for his answer.
“Let’s take a vote, those who want Nemesis to stay raise your hands.” Nike, Hestia, and Ares raised their hands.
“And those who want her punished?” Everyone else raised their hands.
“Then it’s decided, Nemesis will spend a year as a mortal.” Zeus pointed one finger at Nemesis and she disappeared.
“Guess it wasn’t Aphrodite after all was it.” I whispered.
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No Excuses

There are no excuses,

for how the world is acting.

For those who leave the bruises.

For those who are attacking.


For those who spread lies,

those who blame.

They ignore the outcries,

and should live in shame.


So I ask all of you,

can’t you see?

What you really do?

How we flee?


We say we will not,

cannot, make a difference.

When we really ought,

to point out the ignorance.

That we all live in.

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The Happy Penguin Writes

So, I just read a poem from an absolutely amazing blog composed of young writers, TheHappyPenguinWrites:


And it was called Changed (Here’s a sample, please click on the link to read the rest!):

Changed By The Happy Penguin Writes (All rights go to this blogger.)


To make meet ends

Kind hearted and so sweet

Some of the best people I’ll ever meet

They know who they are

The ones who dont admit their big hearts

The ones with the scars

The ones who try too hard

The Christians

The ones who listens

The distant girls

The ones across the world

The ones who are broken

But give me hope

The ones who can barely get through the days

But supports and encourages my ways

The girl who shares the same past as I

The girl with the heavy eyeliner on her eyes

The girl Ive never seen but knows all my secrets

The girl who shows never-ending kindness

The sisters I never thought I’d meet

The little girl with camo shoes on her feet

The 2 best friends who are so kind

The boy who is always on my mind

The girl who is broke and sad

The girl who is never mad

The one who prayed for me time after time

The one who has never lied

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