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“I still believe, even though it’s unbelievable: To lose your path Is the way to find that path.” – Lost

Category: Poetry

Change for the Better?

Our world is advancing,

Its for the best they say.

but we are barely glancing,

as we walk on our way.


Attached to our screens,

Communicating by texting.

Phones are the lives of teens,

What happened to old fashioned talking?


Taking a walk outside,

is a thing of the past.

Not even a bycicle ride,

can get you out fast.


I wonder why we do this.

Phones, Computers, and Ipads,

are all what we need it appears.

Because talking face to face,

hasn’t been done in years.


Why is losing followers

such a big deal?

Doesn’t having a real friend,

give your life more appeal?

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Our World (Haiku)

The green around us,

Is slowly disappearing,

We should start caring.



Its short, but what do you think?

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What are words?

Simply things you put on a page?

Or what you use to describe the birds?

They say words can’t hurt.

They can’t trap you in a cage.

Words can take away our confidence,

Make us throw away our favorite shirt.

But they can give us joy.

Make us fall in love,

Whether with a book, person, or song,

Use these words to build a picture,

And only for encouragement,

never in a way that’s wrong.

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Florida Summer

You step outside, the heat a big contrast,

To the coolness of your wonderful home.

And you walk with your friend, having a blast,

Remembering your stunning trip to Rome.

And finally you make it to the beach,

Digging your feet into the cool, wet sand.

You grab your backpack and take out a peach,

While your friend swims to a small rocky island.

She comes back to shore, dripping water on you,

She grins and you know that you wont have peace.

Looking forward, you dive into the blue,

You see your friend picking up a shell piece.

Right there, you wish your greatest wish ever:

If only summer would last forever!


© Gualberto Becerra Image from, Dreamstime,

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