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The Letter

Dear Rebecca Auzoux,

You don’t know me. And I have never met you. But there is something very important that I have to tell you. I must be very quick, who knows when it will come for me. I need you to know, that your family loved you, that they never meant for you to be alone. I am writing this from deep inside the maze that your parents called home, before you go on your journey, you must pass through here and collect three objects. A book, more specifically, your mother’s diary, it will teach you how to defeat the Soul Wolf. The second object is a bracelet, which was your father’s, it has old Norse writing on it, it is the real name of the Soul Wolf. When you have the Soul Wolf’s name, you can trap it’s true form. And the last thing is my book, it says Elizabeth Auzoux, It will give you the power to set you free of your curse. Hopefully you will fulfill your destiny since I could not, the Soul Wolf is close to my hiding spot. There is no hope for me, the curse has lead the Wolf towards me. But there is one last thing I have to tell you…I love you my dear sister. We all loved you, and never stopped loving you. Not even after the curse and the Wolf took us. 

Elizabeth Auzoux


Picture:© Pdiaz , dreamstime:

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The Phone Call

“Oh stop your yammering!” Yelled my blonde friend Gracie as I slid out of the car, making a noise like a disgruntled bear. We we’re in the middle of a lone street, but there was a creepy gas station in the distance. Gracie had forgotten to check if we had enough gas, and so there we were. 

“It’s your fault!” I accused, “why don’t you go buy a can of gas?” I was halfway out of the car, hoping that Gracie would be a kind person and change her mind. 

“Yeah right, I won the game of rock, paper, scissors. Now stop whining and hurry up!” She said, shoving me the rest of the way. I was tempted to push her out of the car, but the way her blue eyes glinted made me think otherwise. 

“Fine, whatever.” I grumbled standing up and making sure I had my purse with me. I sighed loudly, hoping for some compassion but none came. 

“Wait, Eva!” Yelled Gracie, even though I had only gone 4 steps. I whirled around, hope in my eyes. But all that shattered when I saw her mischievous grin, and a second later I knew why. Gracie flung a hair tie, which hit me smack-dab in the middle of my forehead. 

“Tie your hair in a ponytail, it’s windy out there.” She smiled innocently and then returned back to devour her source of energy, also known as, Coffee. I tied up my black hair, ignoring the few strands that fell over my green eyes. It took me 5 minutes to walk to the gas station, and I grumbled the whole way. I also found out that Magpies seem very attracted to shiny objects. As I got to the gas station, I noticed that the paint was peeling off everywhere, the sign was coming dangerously close to falling, and some of the gas pumps were lying on the floor. 

“Maybe no one is here.” I muttered, but the sign on the door said open and there was a faint light coming from inside. I took a step towards the door of the shop but my phone rang. I rummaged around my purse, shoving aside candy wrappers, old receipts, and bottles of unused lip gloss. After the third ring, I finally found it. Not bothering to look at the caller id, I pressed accept and put the phone to my ear. 

“Hello?” I asked, wondering who would call me. 

“Stop. Don’t go in. Run.” Said a strange voice, it sounded like she was almost crying. The call went dead, I stood there, paralyzed for a second. I decided that maybe I should call her back, and find out what the heck was going on. But the minute I called it said that the number did not exist. 

“Calm down, it’s just a prank call.” I fought the panic that was starting to tighten my chest. I tried to relax, which didn’t work very well but I went in anyways. I stood there in shock for a second, there were bodies littered across the floor. And they all had one thing in common, they were all girls that looked like me. Their hair was black, their eyes green, and they looked my age. All of them looked like they were just asleep on the floor, but I was pretty sure they were dead. 

“Nice to see you walk in here.” Said a voice to my left. I looked over and saw someone dressed in all black casually laying on the counter, twirling a knife. He had black hair and eyes that seemed to be purple, maybe contacts? He reminded me of someone, and I realized who when he looked up. 

“Matthew?” I asked, not believing what I saw. But the scar on his cheek was clear.

“You know, I never really forgot what you did.” He said, standing up. 

“B-but you died, thirteen years ago in the fire.” I whispered, still not trusting what I saw. 

“You started that fire.”  He growled and I almost started crying. 

“I was eight, I would never kill you on purpose.” I said, wiping my eyes with my trembling hands. Matthew took out a wrist watch from his jacket and took a step towards me, 

“It doesn’t matter, because I am still alive. And you will pay for what you did.” I whirled around and tried the door, but it was locked from the outside.

“What did you do to them?” I asked, pointing to the other girls on the floor.

“Nothing really, their time was up anyways.” He shrugged and then held up the watch.

“You see this?” He asked. It was a green and black watch, it seemed to be counting down, 30 seconds left. I looked at it closer and noticed a name written at the top.

“Eva?” I asked not comprehending why my name was written on a watch.

“You know how I said their time was up? Well so is yours.” Matthew said and the watch counted down, 3…2…1. I woke up to the sound of Gracie calling my name.

“You’re finally up. Don’t get mad, but… we ran out of gas.”

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Picture: © Viktoriia Kulish , Dreamstime:

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