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“You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” ~Jack London

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The Happy Penguin Writes

So, I just read a poem from an absolutely amazing blog composed of young writers, TheHappyPenguinWrites:


And it was called Changed (Here’s a sample, please click on the link to read the rest!):

Changed By The Happy Penguin Writes (All rights go to this blogger.)


To make meet ends

Kind hearted and so sweet

Some of the best people I’ll ever meet

They know who they are

The ones who dont admit their big hearts

The ones with the scars

The ones who try too hard

The Christians

The ones who listens

The distant girls

The ones across the world

The ones who are broken

But give me hope

The ones who can barely get through the days

But supports and encourages my ways

The girl who shares the same past as I

The girl with the heavy eyeliner on her eyes

The girl Ive never seen but knows all my secrets

The girl who shows never-ending kindness

The sisters I never thought I’d meet

The little girl with camo shoes on her feet

The 2 best friends who are so kind

The boy who is always on my mind

The girl who is broke and sad

The girl who is never mad

The one who prayed for me time after time

The one who has never lied


Guess who got a roomstyle account? If you want to check out my designs (let’s hope you don’t see the ones I start out with…) click here, or if you cant click for some reason, please just copy and paste!:

Interactive Introverts

So, I was looking at the Sarah Andersen website for her comics. And then I thought, what if other people have websites? So I searched up Dan and Phil website, thinking that maybe the youtubers had one. And I found…:

Dan and Phil are doing a tour called the Interactive Introverts. I think everyone deserves a chance at seeing them, because they are really funny people. So anyways, that’s my random post for today.

Disney Princess Contest

Hey guys, so I’m just thinking, you all would probably like to win 2,000 dollars right? So, Hot Topic is having a princess fan art contest, submissions are valid until 7/18/2018. And the Grand Prize Winner gets…2,000 $!!! Here is the link, all of you with artistical talent, please try and send something in!!:

Character Deaths

So…I love Sarah’s Scribbles and seem to be able to really relate to them. And I recently found a new one. Do you guys by the way ever feel that horrible sadness whenever one of your favorite characters dies? And it’s like, it did not happen. He/she is alive, I will survive through this, I just need to go back a few pages and everything will be fine:

(Comic by Sarah Andersen)

Book Review: Gone by Michael Grant

So I finished the book Gone by Michael Grant. I seriously need to get the second book. Anyways, I think it was a great book! It kept me on edge, waiting to see what would happen when Sam would turn 15, what would happen to Caine, who is the ‘Darkness’, and how will they face Caine’s army of idiots? It reminded me of a Netflix kids series, the Spartacle Mystery, I think that’s what it was called. So, basically, the book is about a place called Perdido Beach. It centers around the characters, Sam Temple, Astrid Ellison, Peter Ellison, Caine Soren, Lana Arwen Azar, and some others. The main characters, along with the rest of the Perdido Beach, Coates Academy, etc. kids, are trapped in this place called the FAYZ (Fallout Alley Youth Zone) without anyone over 15 years old. They need to go against mutant animals and try and find out what happened to their parents without being able to go through the barrier. I seriously recommend this book!


Hey so…anyone watch World Of Dance??? I myself don’t dance, currently, but I am pretty good at Basketball and Swimming. If you guys are watching World of Dance, please put in the comments which dancer(s) you are rooting for. I am going for Josh and Taylor. I think they danced really well, and a great use of the prop. If you guys would like to watch their performance, click this link (found on the WorldwideDance channel on Youtube):

That and my second favorites till now are Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice (found on the NBC World of Dance Youtube channel). Imagine how much work it took to be able to dance that routine. And add a blindfold to that. If I tried that I would probably fall off the stage:



So…I have never had a cat. I want to know if cat’s really are the demons that the internet makes them out to be. I mean like, I have met cats, they are adorable little creatures. Just…not when mad. And not when they’re Maine Coons ’cause those things are not little. So put in the comments, which you can access by clicking the title of this post, are cats adorable fuzzy thingies or aliens waiting to destroy us?


(Comic by Sarah Andersen.)


Do you guys procrastinate? That and at times trip over the word procrastinate? Like, accidentally say procrastrinate or procastinate? Anyway, if you are a person that rarely or never procrastinate, I am proud of you. I, sadly, have a talent for procrastinating. Like, you need to do an assignment in two days and you’re like. I can do it later. *two days later at 11:00 pm* I swear I had to do something… Or you just spend the entire time you’re not doing the thing you’re supposed to do thinking about the thing you’re supposed to do. I probably should stop using the word thing so much.


(Comic Belongs to Sarah Andersen.)

Character Chemistry

So I found a pretty accurate description of what happens when I read books like Percy Jackson, Divergent, The Hunger Games, etc:


(This comic belongs to Sarah Andersen.)

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